Detektiv ÜberwachungskameraThe nature of our services can be described in many ways, but can also be summarized briefly:

We provide our customers with missing information and create photo and video evidence. Our private detectives are your eyes and ears and are available as eyewitnesses at court, if necessary.

Our services include:

  • surveillance
  • proof of breach of trust
  • Evidence of concubinage
  • custody disputes
  • alimony claims
  • proof of hidden income
  • inheritance matters
  • asset search
  • procurement of evidence, photo and video documentation
  • procurement of evidence for divorce
  • investigation of residence of persons and objects at home and abroad
  • defense against stalking
  • search for missing persons and repatriation of children
  • checks on problem adolescents
  • evidence of vandalism and trespassing


For further information on the services offered or to discuss a matter or a situation, please contact us.