“Is a private detective’s work legal?”

In the western world, private investigations are legal.

In criminal law, the public prosecutor’s office investigates with the police and clarifies the facts in a way that can be used in court so that a judge can judge on the basis of facts.

In civil law, on the other hand, the citizen himself must seek evidence for the court or for other decision-makers. There is no authority that does it for the citizen.  Therefore, there are specialized service providers such as private investigators who can do this professionally.

Only a few injustice states and totalitarian regimes prohibit private investigations.



“Will my request be treated discreetly?”

Diskretion ist die Grundlage für unser Bestehen. Sowohl Namen als auch Falldetails werden während des Auftrags als auch danach diskret behandelt.


“What is legally allowed? Where are the boundaries?”

Private detectives are subject to the same rights and obligations as any other citizen, and the Swiss Penal Code exhaustively lists what is prohibited.

Everything that is not listed is therefore legal, for example we are not allowed to intercept conversations by technical means. We are not allowed to observe people in their secret or private areas with a recording device or record them on a picture carrier.

But we may – from public reason – observe with our eyes.



“When is a job considered completed?”

During the order, the customer is continuously informed about the events and procedures, so that the customer can decide for himself at any time when the order is considered completed.



“What results will I receive after I complete my order?”

As a rule, the customer receives a detailed investigation report with pictures that can be used in court. We inform our customers already during the order by regular updates, so that they have knowledge of the current status of the investigations at any time.


“How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?”

For some types of orders, the costs can be precisely quantified in advance. But it is usually uncertain when we will get the evidence. This is why we charge by the hour. The hourly rate is in the range of a craftsman service.


“I have an assignment… what’s the next step?”

Give us a call or write us a letter. Your inquiry will be treated discreetly. In a non-binding discussion we can determine the possible solutions and estimate the expected costs.