A+A Privatdetektivbüro AG was founded in 1962 by Albert Spaltenstein and Thomas Wiederkehr as a public limited company and entered in the commercial register of the Canton of Zurich.

The initials A+A stand for "information and address research office", which was the main activity in the 1960s.

But apparently the work after "address research" was not done yet. This is because customers needed more detailed information in order to achieve their goals.

Thus the address research office also began to carry out surveillances and investigations and became a private detective agency.

The founders Spaltenstein and Wiederkehr handed over the business to Manfred Ahrendt in 1988 for reasons of age, who himself - also for reasons of age - passed it on to the current managing director, Themistokles Kostenas, in 2002.

Mr. Kostenas had been working as a private detective for another detective agency in Zurich since 1994 and already had many years of experience as a private investigator.

Founded in 1962, A+A Privatdetektivbüro AG has been a serious Swiss private investigator for decades and has already worked for a large number of demanding clients.

The strength of a company lies in the people who work for it. Professional competence, discretion, integrity, seriousness and commitment are the basic characteristics of every successful service provider and thus also those of a professional private detective.