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A+A Privatdetektiv­büro AG in Zurich experience from 5450 cases since 1962

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Our private detectives provide you with information and evidence to confirm or refute suspicions. Through surveillance or investigation, facts and evidence about life or business partners, employees or competitors are obtained. This is done through eyewitnesses, photos or videos. Discretion has always the top priority.

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From obtaining evidence of fraud, theft or embezzlement to insurance fraud:

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Proof of cohabitation, proof of income for alimony payments or matters of the heart.

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For reasons of confidentiality and to protect our clients, we cannot report on our cases.

However, we have received permission from some selected customers to report on their anonymised case:

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Our private detectives have been working in Zurich since 1962 and have conducted countless surveillances and investigations.

Decades of experience flow into our daily work.

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The eventful company history of our detective agency:

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Our results are legal and admissible at court:

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You're thinking about hiring a private investigator for the first time? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and information on how to proceed:

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